Dovehill House response to COVID 19

Dovehill House response to COVID 19

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Dovehill House will immediately impose minimal contact, social distancing and essential visits only policy due to concerns related to COVID-19




To Protect Dovehill Residents and Staff, Please:
1. Based on BC Ministry of Health mandate we will: “restrict visitors to Dovehill House to essential visits only”.
2. Practice Social Distancing. Reduce/Eliminate touch.
3. Visit only if necessary. have one on one visits only.
4. Do not visit if you have:
• any signs or cold, sneezing, aches, chills or fever.
• recently been exposed to someone with the above (#1) symptoms.
• traveled internationally within the last 2 weeks.
5. When entering the building please use hand sanitizer and even better please wash your hands well (30 seconds with water and soap) before visiting guests or staff.
6. Reduce physical contact as much as possible.

Fri May 27, 2022

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